Will Never Be The Same Again

The Intersection of Technology and Cannabinoids

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and proven scientific methodologies, Nanobidiol and their patent pending cannabinoid processing techniques increase THC, CBD and all other cannaibinoid bioavailability by upwards of 67%. As a result, consumers can now enjoy cannabinoids in countless new ways previously considered impossible.

THC Bioavailability

Nanobidiol: 42-67%*
Inhalation: 10-35%
Oral: 6-20%

CBD Bioavailability

Nanobidiol: 42-67%*
Inhalation: 11-45%
Oral: 13-19%


Nanobidiol Nano-THC:
24 Nanometers (Billionths Of A Meter)


Nanobidiol Nano-CBD:
24 Nanometers (Billionths Of A Meter)

* As per National Institute of Health research:

Experience A New Future With Nanobidiol®

Nanobidiol technology is exclusively available through Hemp Theory

Blood cell
=8000 nanometers

Cannabinoid complex
24 nanometers

The Science Behind Nanobidiol

Nanobidiol technology works by breaking cannabinoids into nearly invisible molecules that can only be measured at the nano level – one billionth of a meter.
More specifically, our patent pending cannabinoid processing techniques shrink the cannabinoid complex down to 24 nanometer (24 billionths of a meter). In contrast, red blood cells typically measure at 7-9 micrometers, over 500 times larger than Nanobidiol nano-cannabinoids.